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Home Projects
This section lists active system development projects, indicating the ways in which ISS is developing solutions that result in IT working.
  • Health Informatics Services   ( 1 Article )

    ISS is currently delivering ongoing services to a range of clients, predominantly health care organisations. These include the Department of Health and Ageing, National Prescribing Service, Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd, National Blood Authority, Southern Health and Australian Healthcare Associates.

    The details of most of these projects are subject to commercial confidentiality arrangements. However, contact us for more details on the types of service and expertise we provide. The services are provided in the following areas:

    • Database development
    • Windows client application development
    • Web development
    • Information System requirements analysis and design
  • Data Reporting   ( 2 Articles )

    Health care is an information rich domain. Data reporting goes on at many levels, with some of it being repetitive and redundant and some of it being essential to supporting clinical decision making.

    Where data reporting can be done efficiently, accurately and effectively, it is most likely to support the safety and quality aims that motivate it.

  • Past Projects   ( 2 Articles )
    These are projects that have been deployed, with successful results, but which are not being maintained.
  • Semantic Web   ( 0 Articles )

    The semantic web is the latest name for a range of research activities within artificial intelligence. AI has been the core interest for ISS since inception. Web 3.0 is also its latest buzzword.

    The activities and projects below are investigations that will inform product development.

  • Price Disclosure - Department of Health and Ageing   ( 1 Article )

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