Input CDA Document HL7 C-CDA Viewer

Several extensions to the Viewer have been implemented in a standalone desktop application.

You can access the latest version by clicking here: Access Latest Version

Summary of new features:

  • Personal privacy and security
  • Multiple document loading
  • Structure and Validation reporting of a batch or single document
  • Patient feedback collection
  • Quality assurance checking
  • Provenance and authorship assessment
  • Visual indicators of Section linking
  • Access Logging

The details of the new features is described here

First Prize Winning Entry - HL7/ONC C-CDA Rendering Tool Challenge. HL7 Blog Announcement

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Paste your C-CDA or CCD document below

Sample CDA documents are listed below.

Summary of Care (Final_Task_Force_Full_Sample_R1.1.xml) Show XML Patient Chart Summary (C-CDA_R2-1_CCD.xml) Show XML Care Plan (C-CDA_R2_Care_Plan.xml) Show XML Dismissal Summary (Sample-p1.xml) Show XML Outpatient Summary (Sample-p2.xml) Show XML

Click 'Show XML' to insert the XML into the box above, then click 'View' (above) to see this XML in the viewer.

Click each document to show the CDA document in the viewer.

After viewing, click 'Input CDA Document' (top right), to return to this input screen.

Note that performance has not been optimised for viewing from a web server, as it was not a condition of the challenge. Local deployments of the fileset will perform more responsive rendering.

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